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Are you looking for an apprentice position that opens up outstanding future opportunities for you? Would you like to work in a company that helps improve the quality of life of many people, and even saves lives?

Biotest manufactures drugs to treat blood disorders and protect from pathogens, and conducts research to continuously improve medicine. We are very successful and are growing steadily. The chances of receiving an offer for long-term employment after completing your apprenticeship are therefore high. Biotest offers a wide range of interesting development prospects once you have completed your apprenticeship.

An apprenticeship at Biotest, whether in a technical, scientific or business field, gives you a solid foundation for your professional future.

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Biotest – Your company for apprenticing!

Professional, varied, exciting: at Biotest AG, getting out of the classroom and into a career is easy. Your education is important to us, because with your apprenticeship we are also taking responsibility for your future career path. We provide comprehensive and individual support to ensure that you grow step by step into your job. Exciting apprentice projects and events are offered throughout your apprenticeship, along with our pleasant and relaxed working atmosphere.

Even when your apprenticeship is over, we are still there for you. As a constantly growing pharmaceutical company, we offer apprentices with exceptional performance excellent opportunities to be hired.From biology lab technician or office management assistant to chemical technician or industrial maintenance mechanic – whatever skilled job you choose to train for, you will not find a run-of-the-mill programme, but a well-grounded apprenticeship that builds your skills and promotes your interests, as well as bringing the fascinating pharmaceutical industry to life.

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Bachelor of Arts (B. A.) – General Management

Apply now for the start of training on 22 August 2022

Bachelor of Science (B. Sc.) - Business Information Management

Apply now for the start of training on 22 August 2022

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