Bachelor of Science (B. Sc.) -
Business Information Management

With a practically-oriented course of study for a Bachelor of Science (B. Sc.) - Business Information Management you acquire specific professional knowledge while also gaining practical experience. As an innovative pharmaceutical company that is continuously expanding, Biotest offers you extremely interesting projects and prospects.

This interdisciplinary and practically-oriented course of study at the crossroads of computer science and economics is offered in cooperation with Provadis Hochschule in the Frankfurt Höchst industry park.

Core elements of the theoretical studies include: IT and business methods, development and implementation of IT-based solutions, efficiency through management of business information, meeting individual customer needs, advising information managers, project management, and presentation technology. It is thus suited for applicants who want to take on responsible advisory roles, to design and develop appropriate information systems for and with customers.

During the practical periods at Biotest you can directly apply your theoretical knowledge. You get to know a wide range of business processes and work as a team member with our IT. You gain among other things knowledge of IT and other areas with interface functions.

Unlike the conventional practically-oriented course of study, you do not change departments every three months, but are assigned intensively to one or two areas. This allows you to specialise early and choose a specific skill focus. You have an apprenticeship position four days a week with us, in which you are involved in daily work processes from the very start.

Lectures take place one afternoon a week as well as Saturday mornings. Learn more at

After completing the course exciting work awaits you in the IT field at Biotest.

We also offer further education opportunities with specialised seminars or support pursuit of a Master while working.

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