Biology lab technician

Are you interested in chemistry, physics, biology and maths? Do you have good observation skills and dexterity?  Can you work with precision and autonomy?  Then you are in the right place.

As a biology lab technician you execute technically challenging laboratory experiments, including preparation, evaluation and documentation. Biotest currently conducts research on disease of the immune system inclusive autoimmune diseases (immunology), blood disorders (haematology) and the development of new therapeutics (biotechnology), among other things.

You will learn how to study fungi and bacteria and how to work with microorganisms, for example. You will extract cells from animal organs to examine them in experiments. You will prepare experiments, collect measurement data and evaluate it. In doing so, you will work with the very latest computer technology. You will also learn everything it is important to know about occupational safety, quality control, and health and environmental protection.

Take a look at practical examples from this apprentice position here: Biology lab technician video

We train our biology lab technicians (m/f) in our own laboratories and in those of our cooperation partner Provadis in Frankfurt.

After training as a biology lab technician exciting work awaits in our laboratories wherever design, further development and quality control for our products and production processes are underway.

We also offer opportunities for further development, for example as a biotechnician (m/f), and support you if you choose to pursue continuing education while working.

Frequently asked questions

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