Biology lab technician

You have a keen interest in biology, chemistry, physics und maths? You have good powers of observation and dexterity? You can work in a focused and responsible way? Then undertaking training with us is exactly right for you.

As a biology laboratory technician (m/f) you undertake technically demanding laboratory tests including preparation, evaluation and documentation.

You will carry out immunological, biochemical and microbiological work. You will be involved in research and development projects in producing pharmaceuticals. Within the scope of our quality control, you will also carry out analytical investigations into the drug manufacturing process. You will employ modern computer technology to assist you.

Our biology laboratory technicians (m/f) are trained in cooperation with the Provadis GmbH. Your technical college is the Paul-Ehrlich College in Frankfurt-Höchst. Attendance at the school is organised in block sessions.: Two-week school blocks alternate with four-week practical phases.

In addition to many other types of investigations, animal experiments are also carried out during the training at our cooperation partner. We therefore recommend that you carefully consider this topic before choosing a career. Biotest itself is not engaged in animal testing.

Training starts on the 22. August 2022 and lasts 3 ½ years. Through good performance this can be reduced to 3 years. The entry requirement is either a vocational (Fachabitur) or academic (Abitur) higher school certificate.

Your training allowance is € 1014 in the first year of training and increases to € 1239 by the 4th year of training. In addition, there is a year-end performance and holiday pay. You also receive a flat-rate travel allowance.

On completion of your training as a Biology Laboratory Technician (m/f) you can expect exciting tasks in our laboratories everywhere that manage the development, further development or quality control of our products and production processes. An example of further training and development is as a biology technician where it is possible to pursue a degree course parallel to your working.