Chemical lab technician

Are you interested in chemistry, biology and maths? Are you curious and do you like to get to the bottom of things? Do you like experiments and can you work meticulously and with good focus?  Then you can be a chemistry lab technician!

As a chemistry lab technician you test the quality of raw materials and excipients using a wide variety of analysis methods. In the many different research, development and analysis activities at Biotest, you work with substances for life-saving medicines. You test new or already existing agents to ensure the highest quality standards. 

You will learn how to prepare and execute experiments. You will discover how to evaluate experiments and what conclusions can be drawn from them. You will often work for several weeks continuously on one project whose progress you monitor step by step. You will work closely with chemists, pharmacists and biologists and use modern analysis instruments.  You can listen to what the apprentices themselves have to say about it here: Chemistry lab technician video 

We train our chemistry lab technicians (m/f) in our own laboratories and in those of our cooperation partner Ferro in Frankfurt.

After the training, exciting work awaits in our laboratories wherever quality control for our products and manufacturing processes is conducted.

We also offer opportunities for further development, for example as a chemical technician (m/f), and support you if you choose to pursue continuing education while working.

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