Chemical technician

Are you interested in engineering, science and especially chemistry? Do you have good observation and technical talents? Can you work with precision and responsibility?  Do you have an eye for detail, and want to work in large facilities? Then this apprenticeship might be just right for you.

As a chemical technician you are right in the centre of the production process.  You operate cutting-edge machines, manage production processes and oversee chemical processes. You work less in the laboratory than in the production hall. The tools you use at work each day are not small test tubes but big machines. 

You will learn how to manage and monitor the manufacture of chemical products. You will be supported with the very latest computer technology. You will boot up and power down systems, service production facilities, calculate material constants, evaluate analyses. You will also learn how to properly comply with safety and environmental protection requirements. Hear what the apprentices themselves are saying about this apprenticeship: Chemical technician video

We train our chemical technicians in cooperation with Provadis in Frankfurt Höchst.

After the apprenticeship as a chemical technician, you enter shift work in manufacturing and processing for our pharmaceutical products – in production.

We also offer opportunities for further development, for example to become a production supervisor (m/f).

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