Industrial maintenance mechanic

Are you interested in engineering, do you have good spatial thinking and solid physics and maths knowledge? Do you like to work on a team, are you good with your hands and have nothing against getting them a little dirty sometimes? This could be your dream job.

As an industrial maintenance mechanic you ensure that production machines operate trouble-free.  Precise and independent work is important here. You take care of small and large systems and might have to move heavy machines around sometimes. That takes a cooperative approach: teamwork is crucial. You also work closely with electronics engineers and chemical technicians. Your work is supported by modern IT systems.

You will learn how to assemble, dismantle and repair machine and system assemblies. You will discover how new machines and systems are commissioned, and how to service and maintain them. You will even manufacture machine parts yourself. Learn what apprentices are saying about this job here: Industrial maintenance mechanic video

After the apprenticeship as an industrial mechanic with a maintenance focus, you work on machines and manufacturing facilities throughout the company. Parts manufacture takes place mainly in the specialist workshop where the necessary technical equipment is available. 

We also offer opportunities for further development, for example as a supervisor (m/f) or technician (m/f).

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