Mechatronics technician for
refrigeration technology (m/f/d)

Are you interested in technology, do you have good perception thinking and solid physics and maths knowledge? Do you like working in a team, are you good with your hands and not afraid of getting them a little dirty occasionally? This could be your dream job.

As a mechatronics technician for refrigeration technology (m/f/d), you are responsible for the functionality and safety of our refrigeration and air conditioning systems. You will commission systems or carry out maintenance tasks on mechanical, electrical and electronical components and repair the systems.

You learn how to generate fault and malfunction diagnoses and become familiar with modern measurement and control technology. When optimising our refrigeration and air conditioning equipment, you will always keep an eye on economical and ecological aspects. You will learn how to put new machines and systems into operation, how to maintain and service them.

After the apprenticeship as a mechatronics technician for refrigeration technology (m/f/d), exciting tasks await you throughout the entire company. Because reliable refrigeration and air conditioning systems are key factors for our manufacturing processes and thus for the quality of our pharmaceuticals.

We also offer opportunities for further development, e.g. as a supervisor (m/f/d) or state certified technician (m/f/d).

Frequently asked questions

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