Office management assistant

Are you interested in information technology, do you speak English and do you like organisational and business tasks? Are you comfortable using a computer and have you already worked with the usual office programmes? Are you good with people? Come apprentice in office management.

As an office management assistant you are an expert in modern communication technology for the office and for organising business processes. Your main tasks involve administration and support.  You compile documentation and statistics, keep customer files updated, and prepare meetings, business travels, trade fairs and conferences.  You also have plenty to do in the areas of accounting and personnel: You enter and check vouchers and receipts, and plan appointments and project processes. During the apprenticeship you will get to know various business areas such as Human Resources (HR), purchasing and accounting, and you could also receive training in marketing, sales or administration. You support business processes and comply with legal standards as well as data protection and data security requirements. You are responsible for, manage and organise internal and external communication.

You will learn to use the many different modern communication technologies. You will discover how to collect and process information, how office processes are optimally organised, and how personnel and accounting functions operate.

After the apprenticeship exciting administrative and support functions in every business area and in the central offices await you.

We also offer further education opportunities with specialised seminars or support continuing education while working.

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