Industrial electronics technician

Are you interested in maths and physics, electronics and electrical engineering? Do you have a gift for data processing and logical thinking, and like technical work?  This apprenticeship might be the perfect match for you.

As an industrial electronics technician you install machines, devices and manufacturing facilities, particularly in the area of energy supply. You service these systems, and expand, update and repair them. At Biotest you contribute to the smooth running and continuous optimisation of manufacturing processes.

You will learn how to programme, configure and test electronic systems and safety installations. You will learn how to select the right hardware and software components and integrate them into existing systems, as well as how to connect IT systems into networks. When you turn over a system to the future user, you will train them in its operation. You will learn how to evaluate and use technical documents and standards, including in English. Depending on application area, you can specialise with training courses, for example in the fields of network engineering, programmable logic controllers (PLC) or automation. Learn what apprentices are saying about this work here: Industrial electronics technician video 

We train our industrial electronics technicians in cooperation with Pittler ProRegion in Langen.

After the apprenticeship, electronics engineers work throughout the company wherever machines and manufacturing facilities are located, and are sent to site with a circuit diagram and the necessary tools to install or troubleshoot machines.

We also offer opportunities for further development, for example as a supervisor (m/f) or technician (m/f).

Frequently asked questions

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