Warehouse logistics specialist

Are you interested in working in a team, and do you like to plan and organize? Do you enjoy dealing with computer systems and numbers? Do your strengths include a sense of order, flexibility and carefulness? Then this vocational training might be just the right thing for you.

As a warehouse logistics specialist, you keep an overview in the warehouse area. You are in charge of all warehouse logistics processes, including the acceptance of goods, order picking, material planning and the dispatch of goods. You ensure the smooth functioning of the entire goods flow and warrant the quality and optimization of logistics processes.

You will learn about all areas of our warehousing during your vocational training. This includes both the handling of computer systems and modern means of office communication, as well as basic commercial knowledge. The vocational training focuses on the storage, packaging and transport of our medicinal products, raw materials, auxiliaries and operating materials, as well as other material assets. The handling of hazardous substances also forms part of your daily work.

After the vocational training as a warehouse logistics specialist, you will work in our logistics division. In addition to the normal warehouses, this also includes a high-bay warehouse and state-of-the-art deep-freeze warehouses, which are operated by using the latest IT technology.

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