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CMV-Gyn (Cytotect 70) - BT-084

Cytotect 70 is a plasma derived polyclonal immunoglobulin containing large amounts of antibodies directed against human cytomegalovirus (CMV).


CMV primary infection is the most common infection transmitted from pregnant woman to the fetus and can lead to permanent damage of the fetus.

In up to 40% of infected and at birth symptomatic children, the infection can lead to severe medical damages, such as deafness and neurological abnormalities, up to death. In a Phase III clinical trial it was investigated whether the administration of Cytotect 70 to pregnant women with a primary CMV infection during pregnancy could reduce the transmission of the virus to the fetus, as well as the consequential damages caused by the infection. The study has been completed and a scientific publication is in preparation.

Clinical trials




Cytotect 70 (Study 963) Congenital CMV infection prophylaxis Study completed

Congenital CMV infection prophylaxis