Areas of activity

Therapeutic areas

We focus our activity in three therapeutic areas:


Within this area Biotest has developed products for the treatment of Haemophilia A and Haemophilia B.

People with Haemophilia A and  Haemophilia B lack certain factors in the blood (coagulation factor VIII or factor IX, respectively) which are vital in the process of blood clot formation and even small external or internal injuries can have serious consequences; which in extreme cases without correct, prompt treatment can be fatal.

Prophylaxis which consists of regular injections of the clotting factor can prevent bleeding from even starting. In the cases where patients are not on prophylactic treatment, factor VIII or factor IX preparations are used to stop the bleeding as and when it occurs which is known as 'on-demand treatment'.

Clinical immunology

Biotest produces various immunoglobulin products for use in clinical immunology. They are used in the treatment and prophylaxis of disorders of the immune system which are either inherited or acquired. In simple terms, immunoglobulin products replace the patients' missing antibodies and help prevent infections caused by various pathogens.

Biotest also produces hyperimmunoglobulins, these are immunoglobulin products with high concentrations of specific antibodies.

Intensive care medicine

Biotest manufactures Human Albumin solutions, products used in intensive care and emergency medicine.