Biotest is proud to develop, produce and market ethical, often life-saving productsalways aiming for the highest safety and quality. Our vision is to become the most respected biopharmaceutical company operating in the UK. Therefore we reaffirm our commitment to comply with all laws and regulations and to be guided in our business by fairness and respect.

We want to achieve business growth with absolute honesty, integrity and professionalism, working in partnership with our customers and creating a challenging and rewarding environment for all staff.  To support this, we have implemented a compliance system and conduct our business to the highest ethical standards at all times.  Biotest UK is committed to operate in a responsible and transparent manner and has zero tolerance towards bribery or non competitive practices.
Biotest UK has formally agreed to abide by the ABPI Code of Practice for the Pharmaceutical Industry, which reflects and extends beyond UK law.  The Code covers the promotion of prescription medicines to both health professionals and other relevant decision-makers.  It also includes requirements for interactions with health professionals and sets standards relating to the provision of information to patients and the public as well as relationships with patient groups.
The relationship between the pharmaceutical industry and healthcare professionals  has helped develop many life-saving medicines and has long been a positive driver for advancements in patient care and the progression of research.  This relationship provides benefits for healthcare professionals, industry and, most importantly, patients. Healthcare professionals need to stay informed about current and new medicines to provide patients with the best possible care and treatment options, and the pharmaceutical industry has a duty to provide healthcare professionals with the latest information on its medicines to help ensure that they are able to make the best treatment recommendations to their patients. Additionally, healthcare professionals provide the pharmaceutical industry with information on how to improve its medicines through feedback about how medicines work in real-world patient settings.
Biotest is committed to transparency in its arrangements with healthcare professionals and healthcare organisations.