Transparency Data / Disclosure

In accordance with the transparency regulations of AKG e.V. (Pharmaceuticals and Cooperation in Health Care) Biotest published all financial donations to members of professional circles (HCPs - Health Care Professionals) and healthcare organizations (HCOs - Healthcare Organizations) for the first time on June 30, 2016.

These published figures refer to the year 2015.

In the years to come, the figures of the following years will also be published latest on June 30 of the subsequent year.

The health care professionals (natural persons) may agree to a publication with their name (individual publication) or they may reject it. In the case of rejection, the data will be published in aggregated form which means that only a total amount and the number of physicians will be published. Health care organizations (legal persons) will be published under their name.

All payments are made on the basis of a contract and are stated as net amount in Euro without the respective sales tax.

There is only one exception: if a net or gross amount (eg travel expense vouchers) is not recognizable for our company as such, it may occur that sporadically gross amounts will be published.

The detailed figures for 2015, according to §29 of the AKG e.V. Kodex, can be downloaded:



Transparency Data 2015
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