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Terms and Conditions of Use of the Download Center

Any materials which are provided for download on the www.biotest.de website, including but not limited to, the Biotest logo, documents, footage, samples, diagrams, other names and graphics, are subject to the copyright, are trademarks, and/or other forms of intellectual property, of Biotest and/or its affiliates (hereinafter “Download Materials”).

 Visitors to the Biotest website and the institution/organization represented by them (hereinafter “Users”) may only use Download Materials of Biotest for legitimate journalistic purposes (hereinafter “Purposes”). In addition, Users agree and consent to the following:

 1. Users shall not render unrecognizable, distort or substantially alter, Download Materials of Biotest.
Users shall add the source reference, "Foto: Biotest AG" or "© Biotest AG", to all materials or in connection with all materials for which Download Materials of Biotest are used.

2. When Download Materials are used in printed media, Biotest requests User to furnish a specimen copy of the material free of charge, and when Download Materials are used in connection with a film and/or in electronic media, Biotest requests a notification by Users to pr@biotest.de before a planned publication. The notification shall be made in such a timely manner that Biotest is able to react to it. Upon request, User shall provide Biotest with representative samples of the materials in which the Download Materials of Biotest appear in order for Biotest to verify that the conditions of the use permitted hereby are complied with.

 3. By using Download Materials of Biotest, Users will not acquire any legal or equitable rights to the Download Materials of Biotest.

 4. Biotest may revoke the consent to the use of Download Materials at any time. In the event of a revocation of the consent, Users shall discontinue any use of Download Materials of Biotest without undue delay.

 The right of use will end automatically if Users use Download Materials in a manner which is capable of misleading viewers with respect to the relationships between Biotest and Users, or its respective products or services, or of causing confusion between them, in connection with illegal activities and/or a manner which is capable of impairing Biotest’s public image.

 5. When Users become aware of copyright infringements, Users are requested to inform Biotest thereof. If infringements of rights become known, Biotest will remove any such content.

 Biotest reserves the right to modify the Download Materials available on the Biotest website at any time at its own discretion and without any liability or prior announcement; Biotest is not obliged to update Download Materials on the Biotest website.

 Unless stated otherwise, Biotest is the sole holder of all user rights relating to the contents of the websites. It is expressly prohibited to integrate the protected contents published on those websites into other programs or other websites or to use the same for any purpose other than the Purpose.

 Please contact us via pr@biotest.de for photo or footage requests.