Mission, vision and strategy

Biotest Next Level

Biotest will more than double the production capacity of the Biotest Group with the "Biotest Next Level" investment programme. This programme includes the construction of a basic plasma fractionation facility with 1.4 million litre capacity, and bulk production plants for albumin, new fibrinogen and IgM concentrate product lines, and next-generation polyvalent immunoglobulins.

Work on the new manufacturing facility began in 2014. The buildings are designed in accordance with the latest German energy-saving regulations (EnEV 2015) and the German renewable energy act.


At the end of 2015, the new plasma receiving area with a temperature-controlled warehouse and the virological laboratories were put into operation.

This expansion also includes infrastructure components such as the construction of a new car park (completed spring 2014).

Biotest plans to invest € 300 million at the Dreieich location by 2020, and create 300 new jobs. This capital expenditure will not only enable Biotest to pursue its growth strategy and develop new products, but also strengthen its standing in the Rhine-Main economic region.