Biotest Code of Ethics and Business Conduct


The direct dialing of the "Whistleblower Hotline" (Chapter VI No. 4) has changed!

At the hotline you can now reach the lawyers Dr. André Kowalski (+49-(0)211- 26108812) or Tim Arne Schmidt (+49-(0)211- 26108813) of the law firm Kowalski Clemens Schmidt in Düsseldorf. The toll-free numbers remain the same.

A message from our Management Board

Dear fellow employees,

Long-term business success is based on integrity as well as transparent and fair cooperation.

Biotest is dedicated to the development, manufacture and sale of life-saving and life-enhancing drugs that meet the highest quality and safety standards. Biotest is also committed to continuous improvement to ensure the highest possible quality of life for our patients.

The highest ethical standards also apply to our business conduct. We do not tolerate unethical behaviour and refrain from doing business rather than violating laws or our compliance standards. Our commitment to these principles makes us a valued and trusted partner for our customers and business partners.

When interacting with government agencies, society and the public, Biotest provides information immediately and is guided by facts, transparency, honesty and fairness. Biotest adheres to legal requirements and acts in a politically neutral manner.

Each individual employee is an ambassador for our company and contributes to the good reputation of the company. To achieve this, everyone must comply with laws, international standards of business conduct and our internal guidelines and policies.

This Code of  Ethics and Business Conduct provides an overview of these rules. It serves as a guideline for compliance-conform behaviour and is binding for the Board of Management, management, all employees, distributors and temporary workers. We also expect our business partners to comply with the rules set out here.

We appeal to you: Familiarize yourself with this code, strictly abide by our laws, standards and guidelines, take advantage of training opportunities and contact our compliance team if you have any questions. It supports you and helps you in all cases of doubt. Please use this support to protect the integrity and reputation of our company.


Peter Janssen
Chairman of the Board of Management
Biotest AG
Ainhoa Mendizabal Zubiaga
Chief Financial Officer
Biotest AG

Dr. Jörg Schüttrumpf
Chief Scientific Officer
Biotest AG


Biotest Code of Ethics and Business Conduct (German Version)
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Biotest Code of Ethics and Business Conduct
PDF, 330 KB
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