Biotest Code of Ethics and Business Conduct

A message from our CEO

Dear fellow employees,

Integrity is the basis of our business success. We adhere strictly to all legal and governance rules as well as our own corporate guidelines.

In the production of its biological pharmaceuticals, Biotest applies the highest levels of ethical standards. These ethical standards also apply to our business performance.

We never accept any unethical behaviour and prefer to walk away from any transaction than accept to violate the Law or our own Compliance standards.

By committing to these ethical principles we become a valued partner to our patients, medical practitioners, doctors and administrative authorities as well a respected player in the business of health care.

The business conduct of our Company is built on reliability, credibility and trust.

Each and every fellow employee is an ambassador of our Company. Therefore, we expect from you to follow

  • the applicable Law
  • international standards of business conduct, as well as
  • Company related internal guidelines and policies.

Our Compliance team provides support and is ready to provide guidance in the event of doubt. Please use this support as it is designed to help you.

Let us also work together to maintain and even enhance the solid and credible reputation of our Company.

Integrity is the basis for our sustainable and long-term success.


Dr. Michael Ramroth
Chief Executive Officer
Biotest AG


Biotest Code of Ethics and Business Conduct (German Version)
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Biotest Code of Ethics and Business Conduct
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