Scientific engagement

Promotion of science and research

Biotest actively participates in the education of future scientists. Cooperative arrangements are in place throughout Germany (including in Frankfurt, Darmstadt, Mainz, Giessen, and Wismar), with a focus on the Rhine-Main region, to complete bachelor, master and doctoral degrees in the company. A particulary, close collaboration ismaintained with Frankfurt University, for example for graduate students in DFG-supported (Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft) research training groups.

Employees in the company directly participate in scientific lectures, in either of events on location at Biotest or at lectures and seminars presenting practical case experience and sharing their expertise with current and future scientists.

Biotest supports specific scientific activities for student education with donations for example to the Frankfurter Pharmazieschule e.V. (Frankfurt Pharmacy School) association, and various advanced or continuing education programmes for physicians such as the Frankfurter Medizinische Gesellschaft (Frankfurt Medical Society).

There is dynamic ongoing intellectual discussion between various academic research institutes and Biotest in the framework of national and international scientific organisations. Good examples of such associations are the CI3 Excellence Cluster for individualised immune interventions, the Neu² specialist consortium for new treatments for neurological diseases, and the K1 Comet Cluster CBmed, which explores new biomarkers.

Cooperation with patient organisations and physicians

Serious chronic diseases often create severe physical, social and not least financial burdens for patients and their families. In this context, the work of patient organisations, charity groups and associations is essential. Biotest works in many ways to support those afflicted with severe chronic diseases beyond purely medical help, and to raise awareness in society of the concerns and needs of patients and their families.

Biotest supports the Haemophilia Foundation in Germany with donations and organisational support for their daily work. The same is true of the International Patient Organisation for Primary Immunodeficiencies (IPOPI), which works to improve diagnosis of immunological diseases and for patient access to adequate treatment.

Biotest is also active at the political level, being a member of the European Plasma Protein Therapeutics Association (PPTA), to improve the situation of patients suffering from rare diseases and seek a general arrangement for the cross-border and essential treatment of these target groups.

The company also cooperates closely with the Jeffrey Model Foundation.

As a member of AKG (drugs and cooperation in health care e. V.), we are committed to transparency in our cooperation's and are pleased that we were able to support the following patient organizations with cash donations or kind donations in 2018.


Patient Organisation Cash Donation Non-Cash Donation Contact (email address)

Deutsche Selbsthilfe angeborene Immundefekte (dsai) e.V.

10,000.00 Euro

IGH Interessengemeinschaft Hämophiler e. V.
5,000.00 Euro -  
Selbsthilfe Organtransplantierter NRW 4,000.00 Euro -



As a member of AKG (association for drugs and cooperation in healthcare), we have committed ourselves to transparency about our cooperations and are pleased that we were able to support the following institutions, organisations or associations of healthcare professionals (e.g. hospitals, university medical centers, medical scientific societies) - which provide medical services, research, teaching and/or training - with the following cash or non-cash donations exceeding 10.000,00 EUR in 2018.


Institutions, organisations or associations of healthcare professionals Cash Donation Non-Cash Donation
Care-for-Rare Foundation 20,000.00 Euro -
Förderverein der SRH Kurpfalzkrankenhaus Heidelberg GmbH e.V. 100,000.00 Euro -
Goethe-Universität Frankfurt am Main 18,000.00 Euro -
Hämophilie-Stiftung 40,000.00 Euro -