Investor Relations

Financial calendar

Financial Calendar

The fiscal year begins on January 1st and ends on December 31st.

The financial reports will be available on the Biotest webpage on the day of the publication.

Financial Calendar 2024

2024-11-05 Publication quarterly statement (call-date Q3)
2024-07-30 Publication half-yearly financial report
2024-05-07 Publication quarterly statement (call-date Q1)
2024-05-07 Annual General Meeting
2024-03-28 Annual Press Conference

Financial Calendar 2023

2023-11-02 Publication Quarterly Statement (call-date Q3)
2023-08-10 Publication Half-yearly Financial Report
2023-05-09 Publication quarterly financial report (call-date Q1)
2023-05-09 Annual General Meeting
2023-03-23 Publication Annual Financial Report

Financial Calendar 2022

2022-11-14 Publication quarterly financial report (call-date Q3)
2022-08-11 Publication half-yearly financial report
2022-05-05 Annual General Meeting
2022-05-05 Publication quarterly financial report (call-date Q1)
2022-03-24 Publication annual financial report

Financial Calendar 2021

2021-11-11 Publication quarterly statement (call-date Q3)
2021-08-12 Publication half-yearly financial report
2021-05-11 Publication quarterly statement (call-date Q1)
2021-05-11 Annual General Meeting
2021-03-31 Publication annual financial report