Information on handling medical enquiries

Medical Enquiries – Further Information

Groups eligible to receive medical information from Biotest

The procedure for the granting of medical information ("MI") by the Biotest department of "Corporate Medical Affairs" via the medical information system ("MIS") is only available for healthcare professionals, patients and the general public.

Requests addressed by regulatory authorities, governmental organizations, non-governmental organizations, shareholders, journalists, lawyers, competitors and similar sources will not be answered via the MIS. Should members of the excluded groups gain MI from Biotest by fraudulent representation, we herewith explicitly forbid further usage and forwarding of the fraudulently gained MI. Inquiries by those groups may be addressed to the following departments:

  • Biotest Corporate Regulatory Affairs
  • Biotest Legal
  • Biotest Public or Investor Relations
  • Biotest Marketing and Sales

Content of the Medical Information response

The medical or product-specific statements included in the response are intended only for the person who explicitly requested this medical information from Biotest. If you are not this person, please inform Biotest and discard the received information.

The included medical information is supplied as a professional service in response to your specific enquiry. This is independent of the commercial interests of Biotest and does not contain promotional statements. Accordingly, they are not advertising, and we will neither use your contact data nor the content of your inquiry for promotional purposes.

The literature and further references named and referred to in the included medical information may sometimes not originate from Biotest, but represent external information. It is not possible for Biotest to examine all aspects of external information to ensure on its correctness, currency and completeness. For this reason, Biotest cannot accept any liability for the content of this literature and of those further references.

Pharmacovigilance data

Experiences with medicines are reported and collected via several procedures. Biotest investigates, monitors and evaluates adverse events reported to the company in compliance with all applicable regulations. However, based on the spontaneous, voluntary nature of this system, not all adverse events coincident with the use of a medicinal product are reported to us as the manufacturer. Therefore, post-marketing report rates cannot be interpreted in isolation as true incident rates for a particular event with a specific medicinal product. Furthermore, clinical information (such as outcome, medical history, validation of diagnosis, time from drug use to onset of the event, dose, and use of concomitant drugs) may not be available for some reports.

Regulatory status of Biotest medicinal products

The regulatory status of the medicinal products marketed by Biotest is not the same in every country and not all Biotest medicines are licensed in all countries. In your country, the Biotest medicinal product which is the subject of your query may not have a marketing authorization (i.e. the medicine is unlicensed) or treatment of the particular disease stated in your query may not have been approved (a so-called "off-label" application). Biotest can answer those questions individually and from a medical point of view. However, an off-label use remains always the responsibility of the health care professional.

Biotest cannot provide personal medical advice

The current general medical information provided in response to a specific query is intended to give balanced, scientific and evidence-based answers to medical questions. It does however not constitute medical advice for the specific treatment of individual cases. The responsibility for the treatment of patients remains with the health care professionals based on their professional license, experience and knowledge of the patient. As a patient, please consult your physician and/or your pharmacist before starting or changing any therapy.