Making the difference with plasma proteins

Plasma protein therapies are biologic medicines that treat a range of rare, life-threatening, chronic, and genetic diseases. These therapies allow persons to lead healthy and more productive lives. Patients who rely on these therapies generally require regular infusions or injections throughout their lives. 

”How Is Your Day?” is a global initiative that unites these people worldwide. It amplifies their voices and draws attention to the unique nature of plasma protein therapies. While treatment options (plasma-derived and their recombinant analogs) exist for most people with bleeding disorders, a vast majority of those living with life-threatening, chronic, and genetic diseases have no alternatives to these therapies. Additionally, unlike traditional pharmaceuticals, the source material for most plasma protein therapies is human plasma.

“How Is Your Day?” focuses on individuals who live with these rare diseases and highlights the life-saving difference that plasma protein therapies make in their lives. “How Is Your Day?” shares their stories to build awareness of these conditions and to ensure life-saving plasma protein therapies are available to all those who need them.

The manufacturing of most plasma protein therapies begins with the collection of donated human plasma from healthy, committed donors. This resource-intensive process takes 7-12 months – from donation to completion of the finished product.

“How Is Your Day?” supports the availability of, and access to, safe and effective plasma protein therapies for all who need them. The vast majority of plasma protein therapies are manufactured from high-quality source plasma collected from healthy compensated donors. We support policies that safeguard patients’ access to plasma protein therapies.

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