Mission, vision and strategy


At Biotest we work to provide effective help to patients with serious blood or immune diseases and to enable them to lead the most independent and normal lives possible. We manufacture and develop biological drugs that combine optimal efficacy with high tolerability and convenience of treatment. We apply the highest quality and safety standards in all phases of manufacturing and marketing. Within our clearly defined areas of activity, we continue to expand our expertise and position in special products.

Employees at Biotest are able to fully apply their abilities and expertise in their work, and to pursue both professional and personal growth. For us, acceptance, respect and equal treatment of all employees regardless of gender, age, nationality, skin colour, ideology or sexual orientation are a matter of course.

As a publicly listed company, we have the obligation to reach our shareholders’ interests, as well as those of our patients, users and employees. Our goal is to develop the company in such a way that it offers investors long-term a stable and profitable return.