Ready, Steady, Go Future!

We made it: with the market launch of our first product from the new Biotest Next Level (BNL) production facility we are entering a new era.

Our vision for this new era is:



and future is about sustainability!

What is sustainability?

The term sustainability is broad and can be defined in different ways. For us at Biotest, it stands for, but is not limited to

  • secure access to life-saving medicines for our patients
  • responsible handling of our plasma donors and the valuable resource of human plasma
  • a safe job with good working conditions for our employees
  • a responsible use of natural resources and the protection of our environment

Are you ready to join our vision?


Eco Game

With the GoFuture campaign, we are following a vision that is working at the forefront for a sustainable future. But what makes a sustainable future? Where does sustainability begin and what can we do for more sustainability in our everyday lives?

Check your knowledge and agility in our Eco Game and thereby help our nature and the global climate. An exciting course and tricky questions on social, ecological and economic sustainability topics are waiting for you. Can you manage all the hurdles?


Our commitment

Following our vision "Go Future", the management team committed to the goal of complete climate neutrality by 2035. As a symbol of the growing ecological commitment and corporate responsibility, a Go Future tree was planted next to Biotest Next Level - along with a time capsule with their promises to the future.


GoFuture Forest

As part of the GoFuture campaign for more sustainability, Biotest is planting trees to benefit the environment, the planet and its people.

Over the course of its life, each tree absorbs CO₂ from the atmosphere and stores it in its wooden parts. This process removes CO₂ from the atmosphere, and its effects are greater the longer the trees are able to grow and live. Our GoFuture Forest already includes 7.000 trees, which store 2.098 t CO₂ in the first 10 years of their life.

We know it's not enough just to plant trees. To achieve sustainable, long-term, benefits for our planet, we must plant the right tree in the right place and for the right purpose.  This way they will not only bring environmental but also economic and social benefits. Our trees are planted in agroforestry systems, added to existing annual crops (like corn, beans, wheat, etc.). Integration with trees doesn't upset the crops, but offers farmers the opportunity to diversify their income, creating an ecosystem where the different species can lend each other a hand. For example trees help retain moisture in the soil and thus promote crop growth. When positioned strategically, they help to delimit crops and defend them from the most extreme climate events. What's more, fruit trees become an additional source of income and sustenance for the farmers. For this reason, our GoFuture Forest is located in developing countries, where the benefits of trees can really make a difference.

Visit our GoFuture Forest here!


Innovation Champion of Sustainability

The fact that with sustainability we are taking up a topic on the pulse of time and have thus embarked on a promising path was recently certified by two external institutions: the renowned F.A.Z. Institute and the Institute for Management and Economic Research (IMWF). Together, they named Biotest an “Innovation Champion of Sustainability”.

Biotest is innovation Champion of Sustainability

The renowned F.A.Z. Institute, together with the Institute for Management and Economic Research (IMWF), has named Biotest the "Innovation Champion of Sustainability". The basis was a Germany-wide study in which business experts examined and evaluated a total of 10,000 companies on the topics of innovation, research and development as well as ecological, social and economic sustainability on the Internet. Among the pharmaceutical companies rated as sustainable in the study, Biotest achieved 5th place.

"The efficient use of resources is in our DNA. The award not only shows that our path to a sustainable future is well perceived, it is also a recognition of the commitment of us all and at the same time a motivation to continue driving the topic of sustainability forward.