Areas of activity


Currently Biotest markets 14 different products in three therapeutic areas in clinical immunology, haematology and intensive care medicine, further are in the pipeline. These are special products that are prescribed for various indications.

All Biotest products are biological drugs that are either obtained directly from human plasma or manufactured using biologic methods. Biotest’s drugs help patients with severe and often life-threatening diseases of the blood and the immune system, and are used for treatment and prophylaxis as well as in acute care settings.

Our goal is to also reach patients who could not be treated in the past. We develop new products specifically for the treatment or preventive management of diseases for which there is no current effective treatment, or where existing treatments are associated with substantial side effects.

The highest possible level of safety and quality from blood plasma donation to patient treatment is absolutely crucial. We work constantly to further improve our already strict standards. Our employees comprehensive expertise plays a key role in ensuring success in their approach.