Mission, vision and strategy


The Biotest Group has grown its core business continuously over recent years. We want to continue along this path at a faster pace. Our strategy encompasses six elements:

Consistent focus

Biotest focuses on biological drugs in the therapeutical areas of haematology, clinical immunology and intensive care medicine and continuously expands its product range in these fields.

Coverage of the entire process and value chain

Biotest operates across most of the process and value chain with its own resources. This encompasses research and development, collection of a substantial share of the blood plasma needed for its products in proprietary plasmapheresis centres, manufacture of plasma proteins, as well as quality control and sales.

Research and development

Biotest invests significantly in new and further development of products in its three therapeutic areas. In this process we concentrate on key indications with high therapeutic need.

This is described in more detail under "Research and development".

Continued international expansion

Following our successful establishment in important European markets, Biotest is now focused on further expanding its positions in the USA, Asia and South America. We achieve this via authorisation for specific products and by expanding our sales structures.

Cooperation with strong partners

Biotest seeks to work together with partners  to reach its strategic goals faster and more efficiently. Cooperative arrangements exist in research and development as well as for the marketing of our products. We believe it is key to ensure that goals and priorities in a partnership are complementary, so that any cooperation is mutually beneficial for both partners.

More information about our strategy and progress in its implementation can be found in our Annual Report and interim reports and in corporate announcements.  More information is available in the Investor relation section.

Demand-based capacity expansion

Given the sustained growth of global markets for plasma proteins, Biotest has launched an expansion of manufacturing capacity with "Biotest Next Level" programme. Biotest is thus laying the base for maintaining and further growing its market position.