Biotest at a glance

Biotest is a provider of biological therapeutics derived from human plasma. Our products are primarily used in the therapeutic areas of clinical immunology, haematology and intensive care medicine. For patients with serious and often chronic diseases they provide targeted treatment, which generally enable them to lead almost normal lives.

Within our areas of specialisation, we start from pre-clinical and clinical development to manufacturing and global marketing. Research, development and production are carried out at our main headquarters in Germany. Our own sales organisations (subsidiaries) and cooperating partners represent our global distribution network.

Headquarters and subsidiaries

In addition to the company headquarters in Dreieich (near Frankfurt, Germany), Biotest has subsidiaries in four European countries (Austria, Switzerland, Hungary, Czech Republic).

Production location

Biotest’s manufacturing facilities are located in Dreieich, Germany at the company’s headquarters. Together with its contract partners, Biotest can process up to 1.5 million litres of blood plasma annually.

As part of the "Biotest Next Level" investment project, Biotest has doubled its global capacities at the Dreieich site to up to 3 million litres plasma and is ramping up the new production facility by 2026.

Marketing and distribution

Biotest products are currently marketed in more than 70 countries around the world. Biotest either sells its products directly through its own subsidiaries or in cooperation with local marketing partners or distributors.

Plasmapheresis centres to collect the raw material

The raw material for plasma protein products is human blood plasma. Biotest collects plasma through plasmapheresis in proprietary collection centres in Germany, Hungary and the Czech Republic. Plasma donations and processing are subject to very strict safety requirements and regulations.

Biotest Group facts and figures

Area of activity: Development, manufacture and sale of plasma protein products and biotherapeutic drugs in the therapeutic areas of clinical immunology, haematology and intensive care medicine.
Main products: Immunoglobulins, clotting factors, albumin
Corporate headquarters: Dreieich (near Frankfurt), Germany

Development and production in Dreieich subsidiaries in three European countries, proprietary plasma collection centres across Germany, Hungary and the Czech Republic

Employees: More than 2,500 employees primarily in Germany

€ 684,6 ,1 million (2023)

Founded: 1946 in Frankfurt, Germany (as Biotest Serum-Institut GmbH)
group companies:

Biotest AG – parent company
Plasma Service Europe GmbH, Germany (plasma collection)

The complete list of shareholdings, which includes all companies in which Biotest AG holds a direct or indirect interest in accordance with Section 313 (2) of the German Commercial Code (HGB), is presented in section F10 of the Annual Report.

Stock: Ordinary and preference shares in Biotest AG have been listed on the stock exchange since 1987 (XETRA, Frankfurt and other regional German exchanges). The ordinary and preference shares of Biotest AG are listed in the Prime Standard on the German stock exchange.