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Biotest’s corporate culture

Our employees work independently and with a high level of personal responsibility – but always in a team of highly skilled and supportive co-workers. Creative minds who enjoy demanding projects are welcome at Biotest. In return, we offer diverse tasks and freedom to expand in a supportive community: positions with development potential and multiple promotion possibilities.

Biotest is a modern, medium sized business. Company management is close to the employees and is always ready to listen to their concerns. A positive work environment is a key foundation of our corporate culture.

Photo Campaign "Yes, we care!“

Children with rare diseases are the "orphans of medicine". Too often they do not receive help because their diseases have not been researched and therapies are not available. The Foundation "Care for Rare" demands more attention for the orphans of medicine. With the campaign "Yes, we care!" the foundation intends to create a wave of solidarity that raises public awareness to children with rare diseases. The foundation founded in 2009 out of science and medicine, follows the vision: No child should have to die just because it suffers from an illness which is so rare that nobody is interested in it!

The first measure of the campaign is a large online photo gallery of supporters. The aim of the campaign is to show affected children and their families that they are not alone. At the same time this is a signal to the public that children with rare diseases have a lobby.

Biotest supported this campaign as part of its "After Work Christmas Market" on December 11th, 2018. Around 60 Biotest employees were photographed with the "Yes, we care!" logo and their pictures were uploaded to

Please find more information about the campaign

 „Yes, we care!“ on the website:

Biotest supports the Deutschlandstipendium

It is important to us to promote promising young talents with the Deutschlandstipendium. On the one hand, this gives young people the opportunity to develop and, on the other hand, gives perspectives to the Rhine-Main area for the future.

610 scholarships in the funding year 2017/18

With 610 Germany scholarships for the academic year 2017/18, the Goethe University once again achieved one of the best results of the universities in Germany. Around 360 donors with a total of €1.098 million contributed to this. The same amount was added by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research, so that the scholarship holders can now enjoy over €300 per month for one year.

Supporting young talented and committed people so that they have their mind free for their studies - this idea is at the center of the Deutschlandstipendium. It was launched by the German Federal Government in the summer of 2010, and since then the Goethe University has been one of the most successful universities in promoting its students. With the Deutschlandstipendium, Goethe University supports its best students.

City cycling in Dreieich

City cycling is a success story for the town Dreieich. The sixth consecutive participation in Climate Alliance's campaign, the largest municipal network for climate protection, reached a whopping 161,356 kilometers, up from 134,815 in the previous year.

This was a new record result for participants and completed cycling kilometers be retracted. Team Biotest AG and team captain Andrea Bischoff achieved the first place in the category "Team with the most cycled kilometers" with 17.114 kilometers.

In addition to climate protection, fun, health promotion and zero-cost mobility, the campaign has another effect: attention to cycling has been awakened once more. Ideas are continuously being collected on how cycling in Dreieich can be made even more attractive. These suggestions will be taken into account in future cycling planning.

Our next “Biotest Healthday” on October 24 will also take up the topic “Cycling”: You will have the opportunity to get information about the possibilities of leasing E-bikes; the company Engel Elektromobile will offer a live demonstration of different types of bikes.

Goethe Installation at Frankfurt University in summer 2014

At Campus Westend of the Johann Wolfgang Goethe University Professor Ottmar Hörl’s Goethe installation took place in summer 2014.

Prof. Dr. Hörl as a conceptual artist could be convinced to design and produce a series of four hundred figures depicting the man who lent his name to our university. These monochrome sculptures in four colors, which take up the former colors of the university faculties welcomed visitors to the university in summer 2014.

„ Goethe is one of  the most fascinating personalities from Frankfurt. He was cosmopolitan, curious, looking beyond his immediate surroundings and he developed an incredible range in many fields that can serve as inspiration for future generations.“

Prof. Ottmar Hörl

„I do not see cultue as an hierarchical concept but instead strive for as many people in a society as possible to be involved with culture .“

Prof. Ottmar Hölr


Interview with Prof. Hörl

Check handover to the “Humour supports cure” foundation

5. Health day at Biotest with a presentation by Dr. Eckhard von Hirschhausen: "Humour against stress". Dr. von Hirschhausen donates his remuneration for his presentation at Biotest to his foundation "Humour helps healing" (Humor hilft heilen).