Research and development

Our research focus

Immune sciences - the common focus of our research activities

Immune reactions and processes play a central part in nearly every human disease.

As a specialist in the immune sciences, Biotest builds on scientific discoveries and its years of know-how in

  • The immunogenicity of factor VIII preparations and the influence of immune tolerance therapies on the complex immunological events in haemophilia
  • The use of plasma antibody concentrates (immunoglobulins) in autoimmune diseases and viral or bacterial infections
  • The treatment of antibody deficiencies with plasma antibody concentrates (immunoglobulins)

to focus its research in the therapy areas of haematology, immunology and intensive care medicine, investing in indications where there is a high medical need.


Our research in the area of haematology focuses on new and further development of the clotting factor range including development of an innovative recombinant FVIII with significantly longer half-life and the option of subcutaneous application.


Chronic progressive diseases of the immune system and chronic viral infectious diseases are the focus of development activities in the immunology therapy area.

Intensive care medicine

In the area of intensive care medicine Biotest’s focus is on the development of drugs for the treatment of life-threatening conditions and diseases.

Research aims

Consistent orientation to patient benefit and a focus on our therapy areas where there is a particularly high medical need are the cornerstones of our research aims.