Ambition and values

We set the following ambitions for ourselves and our partners.

Quality and safety

Our medications help patients with serious and chronic illnesses; in many cases they save lives. We are conscious of the high degree of responsibility this entails, and act accordingly. This means in particular that the quality of our products and their safety for patients and users are given the highest priority.

Patient-centred focus

We want to meet current and future needs of patients within the three therapeutic areas. Along with the best achievable efficacy, this means above all ensuring tolerability and treatment which is safe, simple and as convenient as possible.

Research & development

We want to bring new, effective, safe and well tolerated medications to the market. This is why we invest in research and development for new treatments and active agents. Our patients’ expectations and physicians’ needs have a decisive impact on product development. You can learn more about our research ambitions in the Research & development area. 


We have ambitious goals. Our employees must be able to contribute the goals. Therefore the qualification of our employees is a high value and we support them by continous professional and advanced trainings.


We systematically pursue our goal of increasing sales. This does not translate into expansion at any price, however, but rather represents development that will position Biotest as a successful company in the market over the long run. The company growth is supposed to contribute welfare of the patients, safeguard jobs and make possible on adequate profitability for the shareholder.