Biotest – facts and figures

Biotest areas of specialisation

Biotest is a supplier of plasma protein products and develops biotherapeutic medicines, specializing in the development and supply of innovative haematology, immunology and intensive care medicines.

With a value chain that encompasses pre-clinical and clinical development through to worldwide sales, Biotest focuses investments in the therapeutic areas of clinical immunology, haematology and intensive care and emergency medicines.

Biotest manufactures medicinal preparations derived from human blood plasma using advanced biotechnological processes. Biotest develops and markets these immunoglobulin preparations, coagulation factors and albumins, which are used in the treatment of immune systems disorders and haematopoietic diseases.


Biotest manufactures two preparations; derived from human plasma, that are used in the treatment of haemophilia A and B (acute therapy and prophylaxis).

Clinical immunology

Polyspecific immunoglobulins and hyperimmunoglobulins used primarily as immunotherapeutic agents in antibody deficiency, autoimmune diseases.

Intensive care and emergency medicine

Biotest manufactures products for volume or serum protein substitution, coagulation disorders and for the treatment of severe bacterial infections.