Blowing the whistle

Dear employees and business partners,

Even if you personally comply with all laws, regulations and guidelines on a daily basis, you may learn of violations by third parties at Biotest or receive information about unethical, illegal or irresponsible actions. If you identify actual evidence of misconduct and wish to report it, you may do so in the following ways:

If the misconduct relates to criminal offences in connection with Biotest's operations, you may first contact the local Compliance Officer or the Corporate Compliance Department.

i) If the misconduct relates to human rights in connection with Biotest suppliers or operations at Biotest itself, you may first contact your manager, the local Compliance Officer or the Corporate Compliance Department.

ii) If you wish to report complaints concerning environmental violations both at Biotest itself and at Biotest suppliers or about health and safety deficiencies at Biotest itself, you may first contact your colleagues in the Environmental, Health and Safety Department at, +49(0) 6103 801 666.

iii) If you are a Biotest employee and feel harassed, discriminated or otherwise treated unfairly or disrespectfully in a serious and ongoing way at your workplace, can first contact your HR partner or contacts.

iv) If the matter you raise cannot be resolved by the above contacts or if you feel uncomfortable discussing the matter with them, you may, as far as misconduct according to i) through iii) is concerned, openly or anonymously, use the telephone hotline set up for this purpose with an external lawyer bound to secrecy:

Compliance Telephone Hotline
on 00800 8010 1234 (from Germany)
or 0-00800 8010 1234 (from the Biotest network)

For countries with subsidiaries or representatives

Brasil 0800 89 20 866
France 0800 90 53 99
Great Britain 0800 09 68 795
Italy 800 79 08 40
Russlia 8800 30 17 428
Austria 0800 29 25 90
Switzerland 0800 55 85 34
Spain 900 99 49 48
Hungary 06800 21 487

You can reach the lawyers Dr. André Kowalski (+49-(0)211- 261 088 12) or Tim Arne Schmidt (+49-(0)211- 261 088 13) of the law firm Kowalski Clemens Schmidt in Düsseldorf on these toll-free numbers and the toll number. You can tell them your tips or suspicions without having to fear any disadvantages, and you can also remain anonymous if you wish. In this case, the lawyers mentioned are also obliged to maintain your anonymity vis-à-vis us and to comply with their duty of attorney-client confidentiality.

This is also where you can turn if there is retaliation against employees who seek advice, raise concerns, report misconduct or contribute information to an investigation. Biotest does not tolerate retaliation against anyone who reports wrongdoing or suspicion; however, if retaliation does occur, it may result in employment action, up to and including termination.