The war in Ukraine also shocks Biotest AG.

"We are deeply shocked that a war has broken out in the middle of Europe. This war affects people on both sides of the border, where sons and daughters are committed to a war that only brings suffering and pain. War can never be accepted as a means of resolving conflicts," says Dr. Michael Ramroth, CEO of Biotest AG. "We stand behind the Ukrainian people and condemn the invasion of Russian troops into the country.”

"The pictures and news from Ukraine make us very sad. Our thoughts are with the people who are in this difficult and life-threatening situation", says HR Director Dr. Christina Erb. "Some of our colleagues have relatives or friends in Ukraine for whom they are now in great concern."

Business donates

In order to help the numerous injured people in Ukrainian hospitals with operations and emergency care, we are looking into the possibility of supplying them with our preparations free of charge.

In addition, in this difficult situation, we have decided to quickly and unbureaucratically donate 100,000 Euros to the medical aid organisation “Action Medeor e.V.” which provides humanitarian aid to Ukraine and its citizens.